Christian Care Since 1959, the Christian Care Committee, a Standing Committee of the Penang YMCA, has dedicated itself to developing the Mind, Body and Spirit of individuals. We strive to be a dynamic and relevant instrument of God’s missions in Penang.
It reaches out to Christians from all denominations through our monthly devotion and fellowship sessions on the last Thursday of each month from 8:00pm – 10.00pm. Guest speakers from Christian organisations and churches are invited to share and promote spiritual growth.
Our YMCA-CCM Bible Quiz is held annually in November. Children and youths from Christian Societies in schools and churches compete to enhance their Bible Knowledge.
Highlights in Christian Care
  • Christian Fellowship (the last Thursday every month, 8:00pm to 10:00pm)
  • YMCA-CCM Bible Quiz annually in November
  • Easter Sunday service
  • Thanksgiving service in conjunction with YMCA Penang Anniversary
  • Elderly Home visits