YMCA Clubs Feeling bored and need something to feed your time? Maybe the Penang YMCA has something for you!

YMCA Photography Club 

YMCA always stands as a platform to bring unity through friendship and interest - and Photography is one of them!
The club is a safe place for all to share their thoughts and views on photography. It is a place to nurture ones skills and talents as we share tips and experiences amongst members. 

Come join our photography club as we go on exciting shoot out activities all over Penang! We also organize educational tutorials for members and photography trips too! 


No, it is not the Radio DJ (Disc Jockey) that we are talking about. If you love old school radio and frequently find yourself fiddling with different kinds and strange radio frequencies – then this is the right club for you!

Radio is the oldest and most dependable form of communication especially when all digital social media shuts down. Learn how to tune radio frequencies properly and how to communicate using the oldest and yet the most dependable form of communication.

Our Objectives :

  • To bring together Y members who are interested in Amateur Radio and its related activities.
  • To promote fellowship through sharing of experiences and participation in the activities of the club.
  • To create awareness of the usefulness and advancement of radio communication in our everyday life.
  • To assist members to obtain the required knowledge and experience to become licensed radio operators.
  • To contribute to the needs of the YMCA and the community in the field of Amateur Radio.

Activities include

RAE Classes, Morse Code Practice, Radio Field Day, Radio Communication, Electronic Projects, Community Services and social gatherings.

To be a member of the Penang YMCA Amateur Radio Club

  • You must be a Penang YMCA Member
  • Amateur Radio Club Membership is RM12.00 per year

For further details regarding the ARC, visit our website at www.geocities.com/ymca_9m2ymc/


Ever wondered if you would be able to dance like "them" when you are watching “Dancing with the Stars”? The good news is that you might just be able to! With the right and proper coaching of basic steps you might just be on your way to dancing with the Stars!

Maybe you will not appear on television like the professionals but it is definitely a unique and beautiful skill to acquire – and very enjoyable too!

Our Objectives :

  • To provide social and dancing opportunities for members
  • To promote Ballroom Dancing

Activities include :

Ballroom and Latin-American Dancing, Dinner & Dance, Dance championships and social gatherings.

To be a member of the Penang YMCA Ballroom Dance Club

  • You must be a Penang YMCA member
  • Ballroom Dance Club Membership is RM10.00 per year

Senior citizens' Club

If you have passed the age of bungee jumping and what the "juniors" do are too boring for you, you might want to consider joining the Senior Citizens Club. It is a wonderful club where like-minded people gather to socialize, chit-chat and organize activities together.

Sing Karaoke! Go dancing! Maybe even go on a few trips – You will find yourself at home here with new found friends and activities.


Feeling as shy as a mouse but always wanting to speak in front of a large crowd? The Toastmasters will bring out the lion in you!

Toastmasters Club members are a bunch of friendly and enthusiastic people who focus on public speaking and pushing individuals to the limits of their oral potential when they are facing a large crowd. Who knows, it might be something that you would enjoy!

If you are looking for a good club to improve your speaking skill and develop leadership qualities, our club is right for you!

Helps individuals to

  • Overcome fear of public speaking.
  • Improve communication skills in a friendly environment
  • Develop leadership abilities that are of vital importance for career advancement
  • Improve quality of life

During each meeting, you will have the opportunity to

  • Conduct Meeting
  • Give impromptu speeches
  • Present prepared speeches
  • Offer constructive evaluation

Activities Include

  • In-House humorous speech contest
  • Social Events
  • Self-development workshop

What are the benefits of being a Penang YMCA Toastmasters member?

  • Membership in a renowned and pioneer TMC in Penang
  • Positive and active learning environment
  • Regular fellowship activities with member helping member to succeed
  • Mentor guidance for new member
  • Affiliation to Toastmasters International (TI), USA
  • C & L Manual/TM Kit upon registration and Monthly Toastmasters Magazine from TI

How do you be a member of the Penang YMCA Toastmasters Club?

  • You must be a Penang YMCA Member
  • To enrol as a TM member, you need to fill up a membership form and pay RM180 which includes:
    • Subscription for 3 months
    • A Communication and Leadership Manual consisting of 10 assignments with different objectives plus the
    • Monthly Magazine ‘the Toastmasters’ that offers the latest insights on speaking and leadership techniques