Be A Volunteer Penang YMCA has a volunteer programme in which members and non-members give their time and expertise for the betterment of the Penang community.

Our volunteers, from 16 to 70 years of age, help in YMCA fund-raising projects (jumble sales, food fairs, talent concerts etc) for the deaf, orphanages, homes and the less fortunate.

Volunteers, on an ad-hoc or long term basis, are needed in administrative, graphic designing, information technology and many other fields of expertise.

Do drop in and offer your time and services. The Y can always find a niche for your God-given talents.


Y needs are very simple. Do you want to help create a better life for the community? Penang YMCA is looking for someone who shares the same inspirations:

  • encouraging individuals to develop self-confidence, self-respect and an appreciation of their worth and that of others.
  • having the desire to develop, through the programmes and projects of the Y, the leadership potentials and capacities of individuals and to offer opportunities to practise and demonstrate their skills and talents.
  • promoting programmes designed to improve the spiritual, mental and physical health of individuals. If you do not possess these qualities yet, don’t be surprised, none of us has initially.
  • In the Y, volunteer development is synonymous with staff development, and is just as important.