The 24th YMCA-CCM Bible Quiz 2014 Saturday, 29 November, 2014, was a long awaited day by the Christian Care Committee of the YMCA.  It was the 24th year the Bible Quiz was conducted since its inception by our brother, the late Rev. Fred Malayapillai. The committee is grateful to parents and leaders of various churches and fellowships for encouraging their young protégés to participate in this event.
The morning session for children had only three teams participating, but we carried on as we did not want to disappoint the children who had prepared themselves for the event. The youth session had nine teams and was held in the afternoon. The texts for study were the Gospel of St. Mathew for the children and the 1st Book of Samuel for the youth teams.  Quiz components consisted of a written test of Objective Questions followed by oral comprehension, memory verses and a Draw Swords section.
The teams that participated were from churches  - Excel Point Community Church, Victory Lutheran Church, Reservoir Garden Baptist Church, Tamil Methodist Church, Syrian Orthodox Church and Trinity Methodist Church