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YMCA plays an active part in education by extension in the community. We offered various types of conversational language courses. By taking up a second or third language opens up a whole new world for you. You can learn about the beauty of the foreign language, the custom and culture of the people as well as their way of life.

Whether you are learning because of business, travel or just pleasure, it will definitely be of advantage to you.

These courses aim to provide a basic understanding of the languages as well as its culture. It focuses on daily conversation and common terms used in the social arena.

We adopt a practical approach towards teaching and learning language. It aims to lead the student towards communicative competence while carrying out a dialogue in the language.

Take this opportunity to sign up and learn another language at an affordable rate ……at the YMCA Penang……
Basic Mandarin

As an additional language is an added advantage for those who are in the work force, service industries albeit those who goes regularly for business or vacation in countries where this language is used extensively.  Learning conversational Mandarin is the fastest and easiest way to help you communicate better.  YMCA Penang is offering this course which covers basic pronunciation, listening and conversational skills which will be completed in just 3 months.  There are also opportunities to pursue further by continuing through the Intermediate Level………

Our trainer, Ms. Koay Lay Ching who holds a STPM certificate for Mandarin Language has been teaching in YMCA for the past 10 years.

Basic Japanese Conversational Course

Come and learn this widely spoken language from the land of the Rising Sun.  You’ve heard before, Japanese is a difficult language to learn. I’m not going to discourse that but there are ways to make learning Japanese fun and fast.  Japanese Language has not one but two forms of writing Katakana and Hiragana which are taught at YMCA Penang. Lessons will be taught in Romanized form.  The course covers topics on basic conversational for communication.  Mr. Ang Gi Moh, our experienced and qualified instructor, has been with us for more than 20 years.  He will guide you through step by step.  So Register Now!

Penang Hokkien Dialect

While at work, you will come into contact with people of different ethnicities.  Knowing their dialect or dialects will make it easier to communicate with them.

If you’re a Regular Visitor to Penang or if you’re going to be in Penang for the next few years and working with the locals, why not learn PHD – Penang Hokkien Dialect!

It certainly helps when you ‘SEMBANG-SEMBANG’ or ‘MAKAN-MAKAN’ with Penangnites!

So, join us and have fun in your quest to learn this special dialect from Ms. Lee Siew Har who comes from a Baba-Nyona family.   This course in only available at the YMCA Penang

Basic French Language
Planning a trip to France…..equip yourself with simple vocabulary….in case you are loss or in for a good bargain because ….. There is certainly no shortage of exotic and fun places to travel while in France.

YMCA of Penang is offering Basic French Language to help you to understand and converse with the locals in their native tongue.  French Language has a very different pronunciation patterns in comparison to English, if you have been speaking the English language since you were young.  Speaking in French could become quite a challenge and that makes it even more interesting.

Ms. Nicole Marie Borg is a French lady who holds a Diploma in French Language is the trainer at the Y.
Thai Language
Thailand our neighbour is where you can go for a short and economical vacation.  Imagine how enjoyable the vacation will be if you could converse with the locals in their native tongue.

YMCA Penang is offering this basic course which covers simple pronunciation and conversation.  Join us and have fun in your quest to learn another dialect. 

Our trainer, Ms. Wallapa Chua is a degree holder from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.
Hindi Language
YMCA Penang goes Bollywood with the Basic Hindi Language course.  Fans of Bollywood come and meet our trainer Ms. Nilofer Amirali Motani and learn this interesting language from her to enjoy all your movies firsthand besides getting to know the culture behind the language you are acquiring.

Ms. Nilofer holds the secondary Certificate for Hindi Language.
Korean Language

Stay ahead in today’s global society by learning and extra language…..why not challenge yourself to master the Korean Language.

This practical conversational course guides you through
studies which involves occupation, food, transportation, telephone conversations etc.  It will be completed in just 3 months.  So don’t miss it!

With his down-to-earth approach, our trainer Mr. Tan Yee Gim, a degree holder in JLPT can help anyone master the  pronounciation of Korean words.
Car Maintenance Course
What do you do when your car…….
  • tuning is out?
  • wheels are not aligned?
  • cooling system has lost its cooling effect?
Find the answers to these questions and many other mechanical questions you will encounter when you take up our Car Maintenance Course.

Mr. Jimmy Goh is a mechanic and he holds a Diploma from Tafe College.

Afraid of being attacked…….
Or raped….. or killed….. when you are alone!!
Is it safe…. when we are in or out of your houses??

The answer lies in the ability to equip yourself with various defense techniques, disciplines, mental alertness etc. that are taught at our Karate Gishinkan Class.

Our instructor, Mr. Koay Chin Heng was a student in the YMCA Karate class in 1977 and started to teach at the Y in 1981.

He was the Malaysian Grand Champion in Kumite and Kata in 1982. He founded the Persatuan Karate Gishinkan Pulau Pinang in 1993


Let’s get those feet on the floor and let it do its work….let begin by stretch… your leg, feet, hand, jumping and hopping to the rhythm of the music.  An opportune time to see all the friendly faces from all ages.

Come and join us now and experience the excitement you can get through dancing.

Our instructor, Mrs. Sim has conducted classes at the YMCA for over 4 years and is a certified instructor affiliated with the National Association of Teachers Dancing!!

Aren’t you captivated or just a little bit curious when you see couples strutting to the Latino music on dance floor?

Well, we at YMCA can offer you anything that you want to the rhythm of the Cuban Rumba, Modern Waltz, Tango, Samba, Cha Cha and many many more. 

Come along & join us for a dance with our instructor Mr. David Ong.  Mr. Ong is, a graduate from a Dancing School in Bangkok has been teaching at the YMCA for 32 years now!!


Sign Language is one of the ways the hearing impaired (HI) communicates with each other by using hand gestures.  It is a visual-gestures system and makes use of hand gestures to communicate fluently and expressively.   Through signing with hands, we are able to share our ideas and deep thoughts with the Hearing Impaired.

This course designed for students who have no previous knowledge of sign language will be able to further develop and enhance students signing and communication skills.

Ms. Sharon Ong, a hearing impaired staff of YMCA Penang is the trainer.  She was educated at the One Academy College, Kuala Lumpur.

YMCA also conduct courses in Leadership, Management, Marketing, Emotional Intelligence etc. which are package according to your needs.  Contact us at